About Gayle

    Gayle S. Kutaka PhD, APRN

    Masters in Science: Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing 1971

    Doctorate in Nursing 2002 (see Dissertation: The Essential Structure of the Lived Experience of Connection between Nurse and Patient).

    Founder and President: The Divine Guide L.L.C.

    Founder and President: Society of Healing Connections (501C3)

    Faculty: Sacred Path Healing School www.sacredpathhealing.com

    Ordained Minister: State of Hawaii

    Dr. Gayle Kutaka is an energy healer, ordained minister, and licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the field of child/adolescent psychiatric nursing. Her approach to healing is an integration of energy medicine with western psychotherapy immersed in the loving grace of the Divine. She is a health provider with HMSA.

    Dr. Kutaka has over 37 years experience as a psychotherapist, administrator, educator, and researcher. Dr. Kutaka is also a business consultant. She conducts strategic planning, focus groups, qualitative analysis, and business assessments for small and large corporations. She is on faculty at the Sacred Path Healing School where she completed three years of training in energy healing. She was also an adjunct faculty at the University of Hawaii School of Nursing teaching graduate students in psychiatric/mental health nursing. As a former CEO, Dr. Kutaka used energy assessments in corporate management.

    My Spiritual Journey

    In 1990, Gayle was assigned to develop a holistic approach in health care at a major medical center in Honolulu. She remembers saying to herself, “this is not my calling.”

    In 1998, Gayle enrolled in the Doctorate program at the University of Hawaii School of Nursing. Her dissertation was “Connection between nurse and patient as an aspect of healing.” She began to question her non-beliefs in a Higher Divine Power and began to see the significance that everyone is connected at a spiritual level.

    In 2001, while driving home to Kahaluu in the Wilson tunnel, Gayle heard a voice say, “Build a Temple of One God to show the world we are all connected.” Her immediate reaction was one of resistance and anger. She responded, “No, I don’t want to do that. First of all, I don’t believe in God, and second of all, it is too big a responsibility! Now go away.” The voice persisted over the following years giving specific details of the temple. More messages came through her journaling. “The temple is a place of healing, the flower of life will be imbedded in the flooring, the ceiling will display a dome of colored glass, and people will gather at this sacred place.”

    In 2003, she enrolled in a three year program studying energy healing at the Sacred Path Healing School founded by Dr. Ruey Ryburn. On the first day of class, Dr. Ryburn asked each student why she/he chose to attend class. Gayle said, “I don’t know, but I have a knowing that I need to be here.” At the end of three years at ordination, she spoke to the Divine and said, “OK, I’ve done my part. I’ve built my temple (body) of one God. I’ve healed some of my wounds.” The Divine responded, “I told you to build a Temple of One God.” She screamed back saying, “Why are you never satisfied! Why do you make life so difficult for me.” The Divine said, “Build Temples of One God.” “Oh, now the ante’s higher” she thought.

    In 2007, Gayle left her job as CEO to devote her time to creating a healing practice. She told the Divine, “I trust there will be food on my table and monies to pay the bills because I am devoting my life to healing.” “These clients are the Temples”, she thought.

    In 2009, the Divine reminded her again to build the Temples. Today, Gayle surrenders to the Divine and accepts the calling as part of her mission. She continues on her path to enlightenment and allows the unfolding of the Divine’s will. She has an unfailing belief that the Temples will one day manifest themselves showing that all of humanity is One.