Energy Healing Methods

    The Process of Healing Sessions

    As an energy healer, I do not heal clients. Clients heal themselves. I am simply the conduit for the Divine energy to fill me and flow through me and to my clients. It is this Divine energy that is healing. In order to serve as the conduit, I meditate and pray daily, eat nutritionally healthy foods, hydrate myself, and take supplements to keep my spirit, body, and mind healthy. I make a conscious effort to live a life in gracious love for myself and others. I keep my healing room clean physically and use herbs to cleanse it spiritually.

    I consider energy healing as a very sacred process. I feel honored that a client allows me to witness and join her in this healing. Before the client arrives, I am guided by my own Divine Guide to intuitively sense what is needed. Sometimes, I sit in meditation the night before and call in the client’s and my Higher Self to begin a conversation on how best to serve. When the client arrives, I ask the client how best I may assist in this moment. I work primarily in the present. Although historical information may be important, I focus on the impact it has on that day. We may engage in conversation processing feelings and events. Or we may decide to have an energy cleansing on the treatment table. Or we may do both. One client was worried about her grandson on the Mainland, so we both sat in meditation as I conducted a distant healing on the infant.

    If the client requests an energy healing on the table, I always open with a prayer and a setting of intention. If the client agrees, I may use high grade essential oils such as Young Living oils or I may use tuning forks for sound healing. I may use a pendulum to muscle test what direction to take in the healing. I sometimes use hands on techniques if the client consents, or I may place my hands above the client’s body.

    During the healing, I may share what is being presented to me audio-visually or kinesthetically. The client may lay in silence or may participate in the healing by talking, guiding, or coughing. Before ending the energy healing, I say a prayer of thankfulness and return the healing to the client. After the healing, clients often feel relaxed, cleansed, and “light”. I take this time to share my findings with the client, make recommendations for a healthy spirit, body, and mind. Namaste.

    Healing Methods

    Chakra rebuilding and clearings

    Auric field balancing

    Distant healing

    Auric clearings

    Hara strengthening

    Karma clearings

    Property clearings

    Spinal energy balancing

    Spiritual assessments of businesses


    Sound healing

    Areas of Experience

    Breast Cancer

    Kidney Failure

    Brain Tumors

    Lower Back Pain

    Pancreatic Cancer

    Prostate Cancer

    Emotional trauma

    Spiritual crises