Gayle Kutaka, Ph.D.
The Divine Guide

An Energy Healer in Hawaii

"The space you hold, the light you transmit
and the energy and messages that you channel
have been a key part of my healing"

Build a temple of one God
to let the world know we are all connected.

Chakra rebuildings and clearings
Auric field balancing
Hara strengthening
Karma clearings
Spinal Energy balancing

A Hawaii Energy Healer

The Divine Guide is that inner wisdom, inner guidance, intuition, inner voice, or Spirit that guides us on our life journey to enlightenment. Some people call that inner voice God, others label it according to their own belief systems. Whatever labels we use, we all have this Divine Guide within us to help us along our spiritual journey.

When faced with life challenges, we often look outside ourselves for answers to ease our pain yet the answers are there within us all the time. Over the years, we have stopped listening to our inner voice, and now, many of us can’t recognize the messages until they are unfortunately, revealed through illnesses or emotional pain. Now is time for quietness. Now is time to listen to the silence so that we can once again, hear the Divine Guide within and heal ourselves.

Energy healing is one approach returning us to our Divine Guide. Every human being is made up of energy. This energy expands outward and connects with other living beings as well as with the entire Universe. It is now recognized by scientists that all living things are connected energetically, and, essentially, we are all one. This is a powerful statement and concept. It means when we are healed then so will others. Likewise, when others are healed, so will we. It places human beings in a position to heal not only ourselves but the world around us. We are all healers.