Distance Healing

Distant healing is the capability to provide energy healing remotely when the client is unable to come to my office due to a disability or distance. While present on Oahu,I worked with clients in Montana, Ohio, the Big Island, and California.

Distant healing is neither more nor less effective than direct hands on energy healing. Quantum physicists acknowledge energy travels and can be measured at a distance. Scientific studies on energy and intention are being conducted by Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University.

Distant healing sessions are handled much like any other session. I speak with the client prior to the session to determine what are the client’s needs. A designated day and time is established and the client is instructed to lie down or sits quietly during the healing. During the healing, I may use any one of the various healing methods such as auric clearing, energy balancing, and karmic clearing. The method depends on what the client determines as needed as well as what I sense intuitively, kinesthetically, audi-visually, or through other high sense perceptions. When the healing is completed, I share my findings with the client either by phone or e-mail. Clients have reported feeling very relaxed, and sometimes feeling pain being released. Clients sometimes have a sense of knowing when I worked on a particular area.